Alicia Keys is a Grammy Award winning legendary singer, pianist, actress, philanthropist, author and more. Selling more than 42 million albums world wide, Alicia Keys has become known as one of the most successful female R&B acts ever. Alicia is married to world reknown producer, Swizz Beatz. The couple has 2 kids together, but a blended fsmily overall.

Real Name: Alicia Augello Cook
Date of Birth: January 25th, 1981
Birth Location: New York City, USA
Astrological Sign: Aquarius
Originally From: Harlem, New York (Hell’s Kitchen)
Nationality: American
Race: Bi-Racial
Family: Mother – Terri Augello, Father – Craig Cook, step Brother – Cole, Husband – Swizz Beatz, Son – Egypt Daoud Dean
Education: Professional Performing Arts High School
Eye Colour: Brown
Natural Hair Colour: Dark Brown
Favorite Album: “Songs In The Key Of Life” by Stevie Wonder
Secret Talent: “I’m a very good swimmer. I trained so I could be in the Olympics.”
Bad Habit: “I crack my neck. Everyone tells me I better be careful because I might break it.”
Best Advice: “My grandmother said, ‘Nothing before its time,” That’s a good way to put things in perspective.”
Describes herself as: “Evolving.”
1st Public Performance: “Wizard of Oz” (At 4yrs Old)
Wrote Her First Song: at age 14
Instruments: Piano, keyboards, guitar
Teenage girlsband that Alicia took part in: Embish’n
Vocal Coach durning High School: Conrad Robinson
Discovered by: Clive Davis
First Contract: Columbia Recors
Record Label: RCA Music Group
Relase Date of Debut Album: June 26, 2001
First Performance: BET’s Teen Summit (age 17)
First Club Performance: Bottomline, NYC